Nikon Eclipse LV150N – Upright Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse LV150N is a versatile upright microscope with LED illumination for bright field microscopy applications. The Nikon Eclipse LV150N is the perfect solution for applications where high magnification is required and for samples that are not flat and embedded. Versatile, upright microscope for reflected light polarization Available with LED lighting for HF applications […]

Nikon Eclipse LV100N POL – Upright Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse LV100N is a versatile, upright petrography microscope suitable for reflected and/or transmitted light applications. The polarizing microscope is ideal for the examination of non-flat or non-embedded samples. Upright microscope, especially for transmitted and reflected light polarization. Ideal for petrographic applications. Available with halogen illumination (12 V/50 W); for HF, DIC & POL […]