Nikon Eclipse LV100N POL – Upright Microscope

The Nikon Eclipse LV100N is a versatile, upright petrography microscope suitable for reflected and/or transmitted light applications. The polarizing microscope is ideal for the examination of non-flat or non-embedded samples.

  • Upright microscope, especially for transmitted and reflected light polarization. Ideal for petrographic applications.
  • Available with halogen illumination (12 V/50 W); for HF, DIC & POL
  • Equipped with a rotatable precision table and attachable XY table
  • Demanding, highly developed polarisation microscopy under top view as well as transmitted light illumination
  • Epi Plan Fluor POL lenses offer excellent chromatic aberration, high numerical apertures and a long working distance at all magnifications.

Nikon LV100N POL Upright polarizing microscope with HF/DIC/POL- with incident light/ transmitted light halogen illumination (8746-61 Epi/Dia Dual Kit required for simultaneous use) with 2 lamp housings, 50 W lamps, trinocular tube with camera output (camera adapter required), 10x eyepieces, rotating precision rotary table with attachable stage (35 x 25 mm travel), 5x turret including 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x Epi Plan Fluor POL lenses, folding condenser, NB11 and ND4 filters, 1/4 lambda plate and dust cover.

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